About us


  • Established in 2014, Our company currently employs 2,200 workers and the core of our focus remains to be our people, putting their interests as a top priority in everything we do, as the company continues to expand its growth and brand awareness across various markets.
  • With the goal “Quality is our top priority”. We are committed in delivering the following promises:
    • Quality of products: our company seeks to deliver top of the line technology application, modernization of production supply chain in our factories and state-of-the-art application of 5S and Kaizen for enhanced control and synchronization in every product.
    • Quality of service: Reliable and exceptional customer service that consistently goes above and beyond customer expectations. Our customers are our strategic partners; and our goal is to collaborate and continuously develop a strong long-lasting relationship with each customer.
  • Our company has 210,000 spindles, 8,200 Rotor OEs and 42 TFO machines, which supplies more than 40,000 tons of yarn per year, ranging from Cotton to mixed Cotton/Polyester yarns for both national and international markets.
Concrete direction from management team
           Team of professionals
Partners with domestic and international Brands
   Skilled and dedicated labor force


Our Code of Conduct consists of a system of values and principles which is endorsed and followed by the Board of Directors. We encourage each employee to unite and embrace the following values and principles, not only to develop a strong company but also to enhance each individual’s professional growth and marketability.

  • Trust: Trust creates possibilities for unimaginable achievements. When you trust yourself and others, extraordinary and remarkable things take place.
  • Respect: Without respect, you cannot move forward. Respect the differences in people, their ideas, cultures, background and opinions.
  • Attitude: To attain success, having a positive attitude is equally as important as being skilled.
  • Commitment: A commitment has to be declared; else, there are only promises and hopes but no actionable plans.
  • Responsibility: Take ownership and accept responsibility for personal behavior and future achievements. Support and challenge other employees to pursue the same. Use keen judgment, be trustworthy and know when to admit fault and move forward.


To consistently produce high quality products suitable for the demanding market, our company seeks to constantly invest in advanced modern equipment and continuously invest in research and development to improve the quality of yarn products. Investments are made in each step of the spinning process, from input material to semi-finished products to finished yarn, to ensure highest quality, stability and reliability are being delivered to our customers. 

Since the beginning, Dong Khanh knew the importance of quality and pursued investments in the following testing machines

  • HVI 1000 of Uster
  • Keisokki Natti
  • Trash separator

Each material is measured against quality parameters, such as fiber length, color, fineness, tenacity, impurities or Neps, which are classified, mixed and carefully selected for spinning technology to ensure quality of yarn to be stable and consistent.

Our company applies ISO 9001:2015 management system together with 5S with ERP – AX Dynamic system to improve quality control and synchronization in each step of the process.

Slogan And Vision

Together we conquer the impossible
Becoming a responsible yarn producer in Vietnam

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